CPE: Girl with the Pearl Earring questions

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The girl with the Pearl Earring Questions to write about

1. A women´s magazine has decided to start a book review Page that focuses on novels in which shows the different roles of women in the past in the family compared with today. It is asking its readers for suggestions. Write a letter to the magazine recommending the chosen book. You should briefly describe the character(s) and circumstances of the main characters, and state how readers could see a change in their current day roles.

2. ‘Their relationship was doomed from the beginning’ Write an essay for your tutor discussing this statement, describing how the relationship of the two characters in your chosen book begins and develops. Write about the pressures they meet through their own differences in personality and circumstances, and the opposition of society and other peoples lives.

3. Your local newspaper has in readers to send in articles on books they have read entitled ‘People thought differently then’. Write an article about your chosen book, focusing on how attitudes of society affect the relationship between the main characters

4. The head of your English department at your college has asked you to comment on the appropriacy of your chosen book for students studying on your course in the future. Write a report commenting on how your book may help students learn about the history and the culture of the country in which it is set, and recommending how to keep the students interested in the book on future courses.

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