Fun Cambridge Exam Activity (7)

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Adjective Game: Warmer Thread

AIM: To elicit as many adjectives from the students as possible

This is good which you have to write reports, letters of reference when more descriptive language is required, also when student have to speak about places, best friends for example. This should be played more than ones during the term so you seen how the learners really take risks and improve their vocabulary: This activity then becomes a ‘thread’ activity and students know what they have to do and produce without you introducing anything

Materials: Just the learners and a blackboard/a piece of paper so you have a record that n adjective hasn´t been repeated


  1. Choose a student to say one adjective (they usually say beautiful), if they say an adjective which ends in ‘-y’, for example easy, ask them for another which does NOT end in why.
  2. Write the adjective in the board (or on paper if you don´t have one) for example ‘beautiful’ Then ask the next student to give you another adjective ythat starts with the last letter of the adjective already written on the board, in this case it is ‘L’, for example ‘light’
  3. Now ask the ask the next student to say an new adjective which starts with the last letter of the previous adjective in this case ‘tall’

You should have written ‘beautifulightall’ on the board.

  1. Now continue with the same sequence

Classroom management alternatives

  • For FCE you can split a class into 2 groups, The group who cannot think of an adjective is out and the other team wins
  • With CAE you can go around the class asking individuals. When one student cannot think of an adjective they are out and you continue until there is only two students left competing together

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I have two groups for exam preparation this term. FCE and CAE. I’ll try some of the activities you suggested. Thanks for the tips

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